:: update

Varnish and solr are working fine.
Up for this week;
-Creating Revolusongs Zen2 based Drupal theme and sepulturabe base theme.
Currently looking into how Sass (patched?) and Compass can help me/simplify creation of the base theme. :: update

Mail server is up and running, new hardware in useage.
Next in line:
-Fix solr server and config
-Setup varnish and config

Tags: :: under construction is back and under construction. This time I'm hosting this website myself, from home.
For now, user registration is disabled.
Current state of the project;
-Fixing mailserver
-Configuring new hardware

-Install solr search
-Install varnish cache
-Create Revolusongs theme from Drupal6 version and Zen2
-Import Drupal6 Exported Content
-Export/Import Drupal6 Settings
-General module configuration
-Compose/Configure content application
-Import old content

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